Monday, July 16, 2012

Take A Walk With Me

I love when I have a day off and can take my (almost) daily walk in the morning. It's so much prettier out and  I feel so much more energetic!

So let me grab my phone, my iPod and my camera and invite you to come with me on this beautiful morning.....

We'll start by heading west on Brandywyne. Jeez! My shadow makes me look gigantic!

Now we're at Sheldon Rd. and were going to head north.

If I could turn back time.....

I love walks in the summertime!

We're going to stay on Sheldon as it curves around up to the traffic light.

♪ ..walk like an Egyptian........♫

It's a little hard to read this sign but we are going to turn left and be on Sheldon Center Rd, which is a little connector between Sheldon and Canton Center Rd.

 We've got a little ways to go on Sheldon Center Rd.

Walking past this little strip mall...empty except for one dental sad.

♫ ....I'm every woman......♪ 

They must have laid this sidewalk in the fall...there's lots of leave impressions in the cement!

There are small creeks running all around this area. I'm always crossing one or two on my walks.

Now were at the point where Sheldon Center becomes Canton Center Rd.

♫ Since you been gone...I can breathe for the first time....♪

I love the shed on the side of this looks like a carriage house! So cute!!

We're almost to the half way point so I'm going to stop here and continue in a few days!

Hope you come back!


Sally said...

I enjoyed our walk this morning especially since I'm skipping it today. I feel all refreshed now, and look forward to the rest of your/our walk.

You know those empty spaces except for the dentist? I need one SO bad; up half the night with a toothache! sigh

Have a wonderful day, buddy! :)

judemiller1 said...

Oh--I so love the leaf impressions in the sidewalk!!! and the creeks!!! I can't walk that far, but this way--I can see if all as if I were there. thanks!!!

~from my front porch in the mountains~ said...

Thanks for taking me with you! And yes! That little shed is adorable..just like a dollhouse :)
Have a great day!
xo, misha

Inger said...

So different from my morning walks, so many green trees and houses too. Walking is so great though. It really cheers me up and makes my day now that I'm retired and can walk first thing in the morning. Thanks for stopping by my blog.