Saturday, December 8, 2012

Very Special Box

When I was a teenager my mother's mother (my Nonna, or Nonnie as we called her) lived with us for the last year or so of her life. She had heart disease and had had multiple heart attacks. They made her weak and unable to care for herself anymore.

Because she was not able to get around very much she needed things to do to occupy her time. My mom bought her a kit to make a Christmas ornament.

This one to be exact:

Although I love it and will cherish it forever, probably the box it is kept in is even more special to me.

Written by my mother about her mother.

Nonnie died when I was 16 years old. I know that my mother cherish this ornament for the rest of her life.

Until tomorrow...


wenn said...

so lovely..

Donna said...

Such wonderful keepsakes!

Sally said...

How sweet and precious. These are the things that are more valuable than gold. I'm so glad you have this memento of your nonnie & your mom.