Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekly Catch Up

Not a whole lot happened this week. Managed to get my flowers planted last weekend. 

I usually only buy one flat and just plant a few pots around the property. 

I had about six plants left over so I turned this cinder block over, filled it with a little dirt but mostly peat moss because that's all I had left and stuck them in there. 

I don't know if it's the location or the peat moss but these are doing the best of all the flowers I planted!

This is my peony

It gets such beautiful big flowers but they are so top heavy they fall over! Plus we had storms and heavy rain which didn't help!

Lastly this is my clematis

It's doing great this year! My goal is to get it looking like this though. 

This is at a house around the block from me! Gorgeous!!!!!

Until the next time!!


Sally said...

Beautiful flowers, Buddy! I think the ones that are doing better is because they're (maybe) in more shade. I transplanted a few roses because Hunt said they weren't getting enough sun. LOL

Always happy to see you here.


Paula Kaye said...

Beautiful flowers. That peony bush is amazing. Do you take bouquets into the house??

Judy said...

It seems this year, ALL my perennials are taller, more lush than the last two years. Maybe it was all the snow we had in April and first of May? LOL

Donna said...

Wish I could grow Clematis like that!!! Gorgeous!!