Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Crafts and Recipies

I did a little dollar store craft the other day. I was looking for a small glass container to hold a little bit of candy.

Super easy and I thought it came out pretty good. 

I need to check out more dollar store crafts. I know there is a whole bunch of them and you all know Dollar Store is my favorite store lately! 

I got this recipe for a Chicken Parmesan Casserole off of the internet somewhere. 

It was really, really good! I used Bertolli Garlic and Olive Oil marinara sauce and Barilla protein pasta so I could eat some of it! I highly recommend it!

I also copied this off of another bloggers post, Mari from My Little Corner of the World.  (Hi Mari!)

I haven't made it yet but I thought I would show you my colorful recipe! A lot of times I will write down a recipe instead of printing it out. Just because I don't want to waste printer ink! This time I decided to use colorful pens! 

My friend and I were walking on Saturday morning and it was pretty foggy outside. 

I took this picture of the sun trying to burn through the fog! 

That's it for me now. I'm working an extra day again this week but that's going to come to an end. I want to start going with Shauna on Wednesdays to pick up the boys from school. I don't get to see them nearly as often as I used to because of work and their school. 

But we are keeping them overnight on Friday! I am looking forward to that and hoping I can get a good night sleep on Thursday so I'll be ready!

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends! 


  1. Your jar came out great! I’ve never seen those type of decals. I hear you on the printer ink. Have fun on Friday night!

  2. Hi Jeanette! Your little candy jar is so cute! I need to check out more dollar store crafts. Your chicken parmesan dish is one I'll be trying. I hope you like the little pizza bombs. They are really pretty easy and fun.
    The foggy photo is beautiful!

  3. the different colored pens for each step also make the recipe easier to read. I didn't even know the dollar Store had rub on transfers! It came out beautifully! Can you wash it? Which dollar store do you shop at? We have three different ones here.

  4. Awwwww... have fun with the boys on Friday night, Jeanette! I know you will! I love the craft you made too and yes, Dollar Tree is a grand store for finding bargains. I'm going to try that chicken parm casserole too, so thank you for sharing the recipe. I might have to double it as hubby & youngest daughter can inhale a pasta dish is no time flat. I have some cooked chicken in the refrigerator now so maybe that's tomorrow night's supper?! :-) ~Andrea xoxoxo

  5. Like you I love crafts and the (we call them £1 shops) provide me with a lot of stuff that would otherwise cost a lot. I love them.

  6. Dollar Stores are my favorite place to shop. That glass container looks great.

  7. That jar is so cool! I hope you have a beautiful rest of the week, smiles.

  8. Fun crafting...

    Our printer doesn't work, so I don't get to waste any ink. -gigggles-

    Lovely photo of the fog...

    Hope this works out for you, to see the kids, after school.


  9. What a great idea for a small candy container! Great for a computer desk (why you could fill it with paper clips even). Do people still use paper clips? lol

    Love that foggy image.

    Enjoy the grands!!!

  10. I love your cute Autumn glass; so perfect.
    The casserole sounds really good too.
    We had some foggy mornings in GA when I was up there too, it was pretty cool.
    Have a great visit with your little men.

  11. Is Dollar Store the same as Dollar Tree or somewhere different? They are my favourite stores to visit when I'm in the States!

  12. Look at you crafting! I love it; crafts were my hobby for a long time; I guess taking up reading more I've lost the 'crafting mode'. :)

    I think I told you that Britt is doing the dollar tree on utube. I don't know when she'll back to it though; having a rough time right now.

    Take care my buddy.


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