Monday, May 16, 2022

Our First Cat

Well, looks like you are going to be getting a lot of posts about old pictures that I am scanning! 

I thought I would show you the first cat we ever owned. 

She was a long-haired white calico named Stacy. We got her when she was 5 years old from a friend of a coworker of mine.  The friend and her husband were both doctors and worked long shifts. Stacy was lonely even though she had other cats in the house. She loved being around people and so her owners thought she would be happier in a house with lots of people and activity!

We tried to keep her isolated in Shauna's room for the first week we had her because we also had a german shepherd mix dog named Missy. 

But Stacy was having none of that and scratched at the door until we relented and let her out! 

She adapted pretty well to us, or I should say she allowed us to be in the same house with her! 

We also learned that cats pretty much go where they want! 

Yes, she is laying on the stove!  Good grief! 

It's didn't take her long to find these guys either!

We had a couple hamsters at the time and Stacy's favorite past time, if she wasn't picking on the dog that is, was to try to see a way she could get to them! 

Speaking of the dog Missy, the cat was not at all intimidated by her and quickly let her know who was boss! Missy was a gentle dog though and would not have layed a paw on her! 

She really was a pretty cat and she lived to be 16 years old.  After she passed away, I gave some pictures of her to my mom and she made me an exact replica ceramic cat. 

She was a wonderful cat and started our love affair with cats. We've had 7 different cats through the years including the three we still have now. 

On my next post I'll tell you about Tori, our cat that actually used all of her 9 lives! 

Until the next time stay safe and well my friends! 


  1. That photo of Stacy on the stove cracked me up. Cats will go anywhere! Both our cats lived until they were 16 years old.

  2. Fun walk down Memory Lane..

    Very pretty kitty! And very "in charge." As cats can be. -giggles-


  3. Aww, she looks soft and similar to the cat my husband’s family had when I met him. The ceramic replica is very sweet.

  4. Your Mom is very talented. Stacey was beautiful! Did she ever get a hamster? We have had six cats.

    1. She actually did but not because she reached in and grabbed one! The hamster escaped to it's doom! I just didn't want to mention it in my post!

  5. OMG on the stove? Mine will walk across the stove or sit on the counter next to the stove while I cook. Crazy cats. That's why I love them. Stacy was a very pretty cat - I like her markings. I'm glad she took to the family and Missy - German shepherds are my favorite breed. My Susie has our dog, Laydee totally buffaloed as well.
    The replicas are a special keepsake. Your Mom is talented.

  6. We had cats too and loved them! And they do go everywhere. :)

  7. That was a pretty good replica of Stacy. Your mom did a great job on it! Stacy seemed like she had a lot of personality! I do enjoy the pictures and stories behind them, so share away!


  8. What a pretty cat. This reminded me of a conversation I had with Wade once about cats. He said no cats while a dog was in the house because he didn't want to have a cat up on the counter to get it's food. I told him whether their food was up there or not, if a cat wants on the counter a cat will get on the

  9. I ❤️ cats!! And she's a beauty!!

  10. She was so pretty! Yes, cats do whatever they please and you're lucky to have her in your presence!
    I love the ceramic version of her too; that one you can control.

  11. Aww! My first cat was named Thomas...he was a yellow tom cat and I loved him.
    Love your kitty...beautiful!

  12. Stacy sounded like an amazing cat. Your mom did a wonderful job on ceramic Stacy.

  13. lucky Stacy was to find a forever home with you folks, Jeanette! I love the ceramic replica that your Mom painted! What lovely memories....thank you for sharing them & the pictures! ~Andrea xoxo

  14. Stacy was precious and so beautiful! As a fairly recent cat lover, I can relate to ALL you said! Sweetness is relentless too and has to be mostly kept in the sun room or I'd never know which bed she was under! Haaahhaa looking forward to more old pictures and stories about them! xoxo

  15. Stacy sounds like a great pet and I love the photo of her taking over the bean bag or bed and not caring what Missy thought. Take care.

  16. Awww what a sweet kitty. She lived a long, happy life with you. Thanks for sharing your memories of her.


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