Thursday, June 23, 2022

Estate Sale Once Again

Last week I stopped at another estate sale.

This house wasn't quite as grand as the previous one but very nice all the same. 

This was the 2nd day of the sale so there was not a lot left. 

This set of Royal Doulton China was very pretty, and they were asking $400 for the set. I'm no expert but that probably was a pretty good price for all that! 

Admittedly I have zero appreciation for art, but someone must have. This sign on this painting said "Rene Bouilly Original Oil on Canvas Vignerom 1963." The asking price was $900 and it was sold. 

I think the best part of this house was the finished walk-out basement! 

It has a living room, kitchen, bedroom, full bathroom and office. You could easily live down here. 

This was the view out the basement window. It's hard to see through the blinds but it was all wooded and lush! 

I did really like this painting! They were asking $150 for it. The sign said "Original Oil on Canvas" and "In the Spring" was written on the bottom. It was very pretty but alas, way over my budget and no proper place to hang it in my house anyway! 

I'll leave you with another creation by our local artist and my co-worker Janisse. 

She changes the display board at work every season. She is so talented! 

Until the next time stay safe and well, my friends! 


  1. I do love a walk out basement. So much nicer and less dreary. Nobody wants china anymore. I doubt anyone would pay $50 for it.

  2. What a cute sign your coworker made! She is very talented! Wow with that basement! You are right, someone could truly live there! I don't understand art either. I don't know why one painting is worth a lot and another one, that I like better, lol, is not. I guess there is some method to figuring it all out that I haven't taken the time to learn :)


  3. WOW Jeanette, that is some walk-out basement! I'd gladly live down there! So roomy and well-appointed, and the view out the huge windows! So great. The RD dishes really are beautiful but you'd have to have quite the storage space to own those! Not me. xoxo

  4. Though the house is not that big, these people must have been quite rich! And the basement and kitchen are AWESOME!

  5. Wow. Those photos remind me a lot of my grandmother's house in Illinois. She had those types of views but her preferred artwork was more along the lines of the dogs playing poker type.

  6. We have very few estate sales here; or I just haven't noticed. My area does the basic garage, yard sales.

  7. What a nice looking house and I love that basement..

  8. That was a really nice basement. Janisse is very talented!

  9. "Royal Doulton China" Isn't that what 'Hyacinth' of "Keeping Up Appearances" Brit show, is always bragging about??????? LOL

    Would like to know the "Why" of these estate sales. It looks like a youngish family, has lost everything, and has to sell everything in their homes. -sigh-

  10. The basement is huge; I wonder if they rented it out or maybe it was a Mother In Law Suite? I liked the same art that you liked!
    Your co-worker is very talented...I'm jelly at seeing her freehand work.

  11. I love that basement! I always wonder why someone is having an estate sale outside of a family cleaning out a family members home after they're gone.

  12. My favourite piece of artwork is the display board at the end! Very talented!


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