Saturday, July 2, 2022

Phone Photo Dump

 It's time to dump some phone photos here for you! 

This year there seems to be a lot of doves sitting in our pine trees out front. Usually, they stay on the ground and eat the bird seed that falls from the feeder. This year they seem to be spending more time just sitting quietly in the trees. I wonder why that is? I do know that we have a local hawk that has taken a couple of them this summer so far.  Maybe the doves are learning they are safer in the tree! 

This is the 4th of July wreath I made. It's kind of cute but I'm only semi happy with it. It's smaller than it looks in the picture and I'm not thrilled with the bow, but for now it stays! 

My poor little lilac bush only got one bloom this year! I was so disappointed because I was looking forward to the wonderful scent of the lilacs! I'm hoping it's just because it was planted only one year ago but I'm suspecting it's not getting enough sunlight during the day.

Levi graduated from a tricycle to a big boy bike this year. With their new sunglasses they are ready to go for the summer! 

We have a busy holiday weekend ahead of us. I'm working today and after I get off we are going to a BBQ at my brother's house. 

Sunday is a day of rest and on Monday will go to the Independence Day parade in town 

Until the next time stay safe and well, my friends! 


  1. Oh how fun with the Independence Day parade! Haven't been to one in years! Levi and Maxwell look great on their bikes!! I bet they will enjoy riding together for years ahead! I bet the doves indeed are hiding in the trees to protect themselves against that hawk. We have a few birds of prey that at times come into our neighborhood and you can see the other birds getting away from them. Your poor lilac bush. I do like the smell of them. I do like your wreath! Sounds like you have a nice weekend ahead; enjoy!


  2. Happy 4th! I like the wreath, and those boys look awfully cute on their bikes.

  3. I hope you post photos of your celebrations. The boys are so cute with their bikes and sunglasses! The wreath is adorable! What's not to love??

  4. I find that when I plant a bush it takes 3 years before it takes off. There is still hope for your lilac bush. :)

  5. That’s interesting because we have a young lilac bush and got zero blooms this year. Maybe it takes a few years?

  6. I like your wreath. It's very festive and perfect for the holiday.
    I love lilacs but have never gotten them to grow in my yard.

  7. My two lilacs took about five years before they started blooming, now they bloom all the time. I was ready to dig them up, when they finally started. Oddly enough, they have no scent, though.
    Happy 4th of July to you and your family.

  8. Awwww.....riding a bike without training wheels. Such a HUGE accomplishment!! :-) I love your wreath, Jeanette! You did a great job on it and it looks beautiful on your door. If your little lilac bush isn't getting enough sun, don't be fearful in transplanting it this fall. Lots of sun & lots of room to grow and it should thrive for you. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. ~Andrea xoxo

  9. Wishing you a beautiful July 4th.

  10. I really LIKE your wreath. And the boys on bikes is priceless!!!

  11. Our wisteria (southern lilacs, haha) barely bloomed this year at all; I think it was too dry. When we lived up north I loved the lilac that always bloomed in time for Mother's Day! Can't wait to read about your holiday celebration. xoxo

  12. The sweet doves...mine are usually on the ground too and they are such an easy target. 😩
    The boys have big bikes; so cute. I hope you guys had a great July fourth weekend!


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