Thursday, March 23, 2023

Estate Sale #4

I'm going to have to start numbering these Estate Sale posts because I suspect there is going to be a lot more of them! 

I know I said that my next post will be another project I'm working on but I'm not done with it yet! 

Last Friday Marie and I went to an estate sale at this house. 

I couldn't find a listing for it but according to Zillow its valued at over $800,000! Honestly, the price of houses these days is ridiculous! Granted, this one was in a golf course subdivision but jeez! 

Who can afford these kinds of houses is what I want to know! 

Anyway, it was beautiful inside. 

This was the kitchen. 

I loved the big windows over the sink. Lots of natural light. 

There was 5 bedrooms but not of them were anything to write about. 

The basement was another story.

It was beautifully finished as most of the basements in these kinds of houses are. This one had a movie viewing room with about 6 recliners and a big huge screen in front of them. You can sort of see them in the picture on top. 

The bar area was really nice, too. Plus big windows along one wall. 

Upstairs had several of these giant plants. 

I mean, look how huge that thing is! I forgot to look at the price though! 

Here's a few things I saw that I liked.

This bowl.

Rachel Ray used to have a similar one her cooking show that she would throw scraps in when she was cutting veggies and stuff. $20

This set of mixing bowls. 

I really liked that there was a spout on them for easy pouring. If I didn't already have at least 6 mixing bowls I would have bought them. $25

This desk. 

I love me some mirrored furniture and this desk was beautiful! I loved it! $125

A few other interesting things.

Three fancy little tray tables or something. Not exactly sure what they were for. $15 each. 

A portable ice cube maker. $150

Mardi Gras masks and a table full of Barbie dolls! 

And of course, a table full of jewelry! 

There was several closets full of really cute dresses and jackets, all in a size 00 or petite XS! 

Marie bought a little Willowtree trinket box for her granddaughter.

I didn't buy anything for a change! 

Ok next post I promise will be the project I have been working on!

See you then! 


  1. Love those tables for $15 each. But, I'm trying to downsize the clutter. It would've been hard for me to walk out empty-handed.

  2. That house is huge. I'd get lost in it. :)
    I like those red mixing bowls too.

  3. Where do you live anyway; that there are so many estate sales around there?? We have hardly any! But then again, I don't know where I would look for them. Where do you find them? I have never been to even one, but would love to go!! My favorites are the desk and the round purple chair.

    1. I live in Plymouth MI but the estate sales are all over. I go and put my Zip code in. Then it tells me all the estate sales in my area. Or sometimes, I just find them randomly driving down the street! I would definitely try to go to one. They are a lot of fun even if just to look at the houses!

  4. Wow! That is sure out of my price range. Fun to go through!
    I also can't afford $150 for a portable ice cube maker. :)

  5. Mardi Gras masks and Barbies seem very random.

  6. Love that basement. I could hang out there all day.

  7. I often wonder what happened to these families...just so sad.
    Those three trays with jewels would hold cakes or desserts...sandwiches. I would have grabbed the cream colored bowl...

    1. I did want that bowl, but I really don't need it. I already have several that size! Trying to be practical here! LOL!

  8. I love that little purple chair. It would be cute in the granddaughters room.

  9. Oh fun....I tend to shy away from Estate Sales, a lot of the prices are close to what you would pay brand new. But I do love to roam and look around. Can't say I ever bought anything.

  10. Such fun, I have never been to an estate sale.

  11. When I see houses like this I also wonder what did they do to afford this? I think I would have had to get the desk and a couple of the little trays. They are definitely my style.

  12. I remember Rachel Ray and her 'garbage bowl'...that was life changing for me in the kitchen!
    This looks like a fun sale. I'm with your friend, I love the willow tree stuff.

  13. Beautiful home! And you know real estate prices are out of sight now. I'm not even sure that Britt and her hubby are going to be able to buy there once the division of property is settled with her ex. :(

  14. Wow that is quite a house full of some interesting stuff! I just cleaned and bagged and donated AT LEAST that much jewelry but in truth it was probably twice that! I still have a lot left, haaaha! xoxo


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