Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Well, here I am. Christmas Eve and I am at work hoping to get off early, but not counting on it! Luckly I managed to get everything done yesterday. All I have to do today is put together the strata for tomorrow morning so it can sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Yesterday we took my Dad over to his girlfriends house. That's were he wanted to go so who am I to stand in his way? She was happy to see him. This is the first time we have been to her house, or trailer or manufactured home or whatever it's called. It is suprisingly very nice. It's 1800 square feet and has all sorts of room. Very open and airy. I could live in something like that for sure! Tonight we will pick them up to take to my brother's house, and then bring them home again. My dad is not supposed to drive for at least a few more days. He still seems very confused sometimes. It concerns me a little bit and I hope he gets his head straight.

My diet the last few days has really sucked which is not suprising considering the holiday, but I haven't been exercising very much either, and that's not good. I did not check my blood for the last few days. I don't want to know. Denial is my best friend!

LATER: It's 5:30 now. I did manage to get off of work at 2:30 after I bugged a particular doctor to finish her work so I could finish mine, for Pete's sake! I am done with everything I need to do. Just got to get myself ready. Then it's on to laughter, good food and good company!

Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Junebug said...

Merry Christmas to you! Thanks about the picture, I didn't know you could even put a picture up there. I put one of myself smiling since that is my blog's name.