Sunday, December 23, 2007

Weekly Winners Sunday Meme

I didn't take many pictures this week. I thought I would just snap a few just for this entry. The above picture is of my angel that is sitting in the front foyer. I love her because she has such a pretty little face.

This is one of the treats that I made this week. So very simple and yet I managed to blow the first batch by leaving them in the oven for WAY too long, burnt the kisses and had to throw the whole thing down the garbage disposal! These are very popular and go really fast whenever I bring them anywhere.


Sarcastic Mom said...

Those treat look great! You did an awesome job! :-)

Mishi the Secret Agent Mama said...

The angel is so precious and the treats make me want to get something salty and sweet to munch!


Madame Meow said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog over at wordpress.

I've been so lazy about baking and whatnot this year... blah. I should pick it up... I'm thinking about making some nanimo bars and fudge. I have the makings for fudge, but I don't think I have any graham crackers for the bars. You have inspired me, though.

Great pictures!

tommie said...

I make those with rolos and a pecan....and I did the very same thing by leaving them in way too long!

Badness Jones said...

Mmmm! The treats look tasty...and easy....which is a good, good thing!

Thanks for coming to visit my blog!