Saturday, December 22, 2007

Taking Care Of Dad

Dad came home from the hospital today. My brother picked him up and then we were trying to decide a schedule where someone would be with him all of the time. Since it is impossible for me to spend the night there (well, not impossible but I hate to when I have so much to do here) I decided to just bring him home with me. That way I can keep a eye on him and he can just sit there and rest and not have to do anything. I feel better knowing he's being cared for and I think that my mom would approve, too!

He's very weak and looks really tired. His gallbladder was the worst the doctor has ever seen. It's scary to think that he may have dodged a bullet with the infection being so bad. He just needs lots of rest now to regain his strength.

I got all of my presents wrapped and bagged and tagged! Just have a few things to bake. I do have to work on Monday for at least 1/2 day.

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oldmanlincoln said...

Glad you are able to take care of your dad. Sounds to me like your care for him is exactly what is needed while he recovers. Nice blog.