Friday, December 21, 2007

Shop Till I Drop

I took the day off today to finish my Christmas shopping. This is my usual MO. Wait until the last pay day before Christmas and shop till I drop. I was expecting it to be really busy at the mall but it wasn't too bad. I had three $10 coupons for JCPenney so I had to make three separate purchases. I had to wait in a line each time but they went pretty fast. After the mall I went to Burlington Coat Factory. They were offering 10% off coupons if you bring in a coat, and I just happened to have 3 coats in the trunk of my car that I have been carrying around for a while. So I brought them there. I didn't really find anything I wanted to give for a gift but I did buy a shirt for myself for $8 so it wasn't a complete waste of time!

Next stop was Border's books where I got this thing for Chris:

It's a "Major Award" puzzle. Comes in a little wooden crate that says "Fragile" on it! I love it! I think he'll get a kick out of it, too!

Then on to Target which was packed. I drove around the parking lot three times before I found a spot. I HATE looking for a parking spot or waiting for a parking spot. I think because I do that so much at work every day. It gets tiring real fast.

I still need to go to a craft store to get a beading kit for Shauna and then do a online certificate for Chris and Marissa for Netflix, then I am done, done, done!

My brother called me while I was shopping. He was at the hospital waiting to talk to Dad's doctor. They did blood work and if he can go on a oral antibiotic, he can go home; if he has to be on IV antibiotics he has to stay in the hospital. He must have had a whopper of a infection with that gallbladder. He still runs fevers and he still is very confused alot. It's scary because I remember when Rich's mom had surgery she never was the same after that! Surgeries and sicknesses are rough on old people!

More shopping to do, dinner out tonight and then collapse on the couch!

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Junebug said...

See I knew you would like the major award! How did you get that wonderful picture up on your header? That is great.