Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Santa Came

Santa came.

It was a very nice Christmas eve and Christmas morning.
Last night we went to my brothers house. We did our gift exchange. I got a box of chocolates and some lotion and bubble bath.

This morning Chris and Marissa got here at about 7:30 ish. We exchanged gifts and ate breakfast. Rich got me a digital photo frame. It's a pretty cool thing. I want to take pictures special for it of family, friends and animals to display. I love new gadgets!

Today we are just going to chill and take a nap. Got only about 4 house sleep last night. Later we may go to Don and Lindas for a while. This weekend we will go and see MIL.

Happy Holidays to one and all!

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wildeyez said...

Sounds like you had a nice Christmas. Now I hope you can get some sleep. I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, myself. Good night!