Monday, January 21, 2008

Cold, cold and more cold!

It's been very cold the last few days. Apparently there is a cold snap all over the country. The temp has been hovering in the low teens. The furnace seems to be running constantly. I can't wait to get the gas bill!

I took the day off of work today because I had a colonoscopy this morning. Everything is normal, thankyouverymuch! The procedure itself was no big deal, but the prep yesterday was the pits! First I had to be on a liquid diet for the whole day. Only broth, jello, pop, water, coffee and tea (no cream). I was pretty much hungry for the whole day. Liquid diets do not satisfy for long.

Anyway, the stuff I had to drink was the worse. First I filled a 32 ounce jar with water, then dissolved this powder in it. Then I had to drink 8 oz. of the stuff every 15 minutes. It tasted like alka seltzer with extra sugar. So gross! I managed to get it down and 2 hours later I had to do the same thing again! I used a straw, made it very cold and held my breath, but it was tough to gag down the last 16 ounces. But I did get it down and ..well, let's just say it did it's job very well and leave it at that!

I had to be there at 6:30 am. They had to poke me 4 times to get the IV in. Apparently I was a little dehydrated and so my veins weren't cooperating at all. But they managed and everything went well after that. Now I don't have to have another one for 7 years. Yay!!!!

Shauna and I went to Laural Park Mall in the afternoon to walk around. I bought a couple of books and a wallet which was marked down from $45 to $15. We had lunch at the Calif. Pizza Kitchen. I love their Mediterranean salad.

The nurse told Rich that I was not to cook or clean today :) so I guess I'll take a nap now!

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Junebug said...

Good for you! About the no cooking and cleaning too!