Saturday, May 10, 2008

Weekend Update

Tom's surgery went pretty good. There was a small complication which caused his surgery to be 8 hours long instead of 5 but he came through it good and he is doing very well. He should be able to go home in a few days. It has been nice having Judy staying here and seeing her every day.

Marie and I had our massages and facials today. OMG!! The massage felt so good! The room was dim and music was playing and birds were singing and I almost fell asleep! Man, I wish I could do that every week!

Anyway, Chris and Marissa came over today for Mother's day because they are going out to dinner on the other side of town tomorrow with Marissa's mom. They brought me a gift and I got Marissa hooked on Bookworm! Hee! It is always nice to see them. After they left we went to buy some flowers and take them to the cemetery. We put flowers on both my grandmothers graves and my mom's grave. I'm glad we went today instead of tomorrow because tomorrow it's supposed to be rainy and the cemetery is always so crowded on Mother's Day. That reminds me to write a not-so-nice letter to the cemetery owners because all of their little flower containers are rusted out and leak and are all broken up! It's ridiculous how much it costs to bury someone these days and they can't even supply decent flower containers for the graves? Grrr!

Tonight I think we are going to just sit around or maybe go walk around downtown Plymouth for a while. I really need to clean this house, though. It's 6:00 and I haven't done anything at all!!

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