Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hump Day

Well, it's Wednesday. Hump day.

Tom is still in the hospital. He was recovering fine from his surgery and would probably be going home by now, but he is having breathing issues and they need to get that straightened out before he leaves. Judy is still staying with us. We enjoy having her but I know she is getting tired of driving back and forth every day and would like to be home.

Mother's Day was rainy and cold. We went first to the MGM to get my Mother's day gift, which was a quilted bag. It's very nice and I probably could use it as a purse. Anyway, then we went to see MIL. She's doing good. I bought her a gosple CD to listen to and she LOVED it! I have a hard time deciding what to buy for her because her needs are so simple so it is always nice to see her enjoy what we give her. She was smiling and clapping to the music.

After we got home Shauna came over. She gave me a iPod shuffle for my gift. I have been wanting one of them for a while. Then we went shopping and I bought a couple pictures for the bathroom. Then dinner at Applebees and home where she downloaded iTunes on our computer so I could put music on my shuffle. Hee! I love it!! It makes taking my walks a lot easier except I want to dance instead of walk!

Monday I went to the urologist for my 3-month exam. Everything is good; no cancer recurrence. I have to see him every 3 months, get a cat scan once a year. I like the thought of getting a cat scan every year. They don't just look at my bladder but my whole abdominal/pelvic area. At least I know if something else is going to pop up they may catch it early. And early detection is very important! OK enough medical stuff!!

Now that the small bathroom is done it is time to turn my attention the the master bath. I already checked on getting a new counter top and sinks and I just need to get it ordered! Rich and I will install it ourselves. It looks pretty easy, but we'll see. Then I can paint and get new mirrors and maybe light fixtures, too! I'm not in any hurry so I can take my time and do a good job. It should be easier to paint than the small bathroom.

Yesterday I booked our cruise for January 24th. I am looking forward to cruising with the kids. I love when we are all together it happens so infrequently anymore except for holidays. It should be a blast.

Today I'm meeting Judy for lunch. Maybe I will actually cook dinner tonight!

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