Monday, June 2, 2008

Time Well Spent

Friday night I met my cousin Deb for dinner. That is something I have never done before and it was really nice to see her and spend time just talking to her. We so often lose touch with our extended families because every one is busy with their own lives that sometimes the only time you see them is at weddings and funerals. We plan to do that more often, and I think we surely will.

Marie and I did our usual walk and breakfast on Saturday morning and then after she dropped me off, I went and had a French manicure done.

That's only my left hand because I could not stay still for 5 minutes, and messed the right hand up a little! I need to have manicures more often. Not for the polish necessarily, but my cuticles look great!

Saturday evening we went to a 25Th anniversary party for Don and Linda. Her mom threw it for them and it was supposed to be a surprise. Rich and I were responsible for getting them there and we pretty much sucked at it. Oh we got them there, but we did not have a good excuse so we just drove to the location and then just told them what was going on before they walked in! Kind of blew the surprise, but it was very nice and we all had a good time.

Her mom made an absolute TON of food, enough for 50 people! It was all so good. We stayed and helped clean up and then followed her home so we could help carry stuff in from the car. It was a great party.

Sunday I spent a few hours washing windows. I consider it time well spent because there is nothing nicer that clean, sparkly windows. I used Robyn's All-Purpose Cleaning Concoction. You mix one pint of 70% alcohol, 1/2 cup suds-free ammonia and 1 tsp of dish washing liquid in a gallon jug, fill the rest with water and pour into spray bottles. This stuff rocks!! The windows came out wonderfully, not a streak to be found! Anyway, I highly recommend mixing up a batch and using it on everything.

It was beautiful out today. Sunny and 82 degrees. Perfect summer weather and it's cooling off now for good sleeping tonight!

The Red Wings are playing in the Stanley Cup finals as I write this. They are losing 2-1. Lord, I hope they win tonight. Detroit could use a good thing to happen for a change! Between the joke of a mayor and the joke of a city council, not to mention the extremely high crime rate, Detroit is sorely in need of help from somewhere. I little positive attention would be nice. I don't live in the city, but I was raised there and it will always be in my heart.

Tigers are playing tonight, too. I hope they win. They are definitely in my heart


Junebug said...

Hi there! Lovely manicure. I like the French tips the best if I ever get one done. I have only had a couple of manicures in my life. I do not do well with my nails. Tasty looking cake.

Rebecca said...

Your manicure looks GREAT! :)

Stephanie said...

I like French manicures. They last longer than colored polish.