Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cow Subdivision

I live in a pretty much urban area. We are surrounded by subdivisions with houses similar to the one we live in. I am less than two miles from a main road where you can find every store and restaurant you would ever need. A road so congested with traffic on Saturdays and rush hour that I avoid it like the plaque!

Anything I need to buy is conveniently within a 5-10 minute drive from my house.

And right smack in the middle of all of that is this:

I love to drive by to look at these animals!

Probably the closest I'll ever get to living in the country!


Sally said...

Hey! You must live near me!! I can drive one or two miles and see horses and cows. I love it!!

Thank you again, Jeanette, for the beautiful bookmark. You have a kind and gentle soul.

Enjoy the weekend. Happy Easter! (hugs)

Brenda said...

Are those city cows? :-)

Come on down this way and I'll show you some sure nuff country!