Friday, January 15, 2010


Well, this week seemed to go by pretty fast! Only one more full week and then I start my 4-day work schedule! Yay!

Tuesday was my birthday so we went to dinner at Mexican Fiesta. When we were ready to leave we did not have singles for a tip, so we went to the cashier to pay the bill with the intention of putting the tip on the table when we got change. Everyone had had to do that a time or two! Anyway, you should have seen the waitress giving us the stink-eye when she walked by our table and did not see a tip sitting there. Then she kept walking by and giving us dirty looks! Luckily we redeemed ourselves when Rich walked back and left money on the table! Although I admit I was tempted to just walk out!! Jeeze..what is with us and tipping issues in restaurants?

The weather had warmed up a tad. This weekend it's supposed to be 40! That's pretty warm for this time of year. All the snow is melting. If we could just skate (ha!) through the rest of this month and next month like this we will have it made!!

I got a "Teach yourself Italian" CD and book for Christmas that I have been listening to in my car a lot on the way home from work. That's probably 1-2 hours total a week! I doubt I will ever be fluent in Italian, but slowly I am picking up the words. I love it because it reminds me of my grandmother and the old days when she lived with us and her and my mom spoke Italian to each other!

So on that note: Buonasera!


wenn said...

hope u can teach me italian words, a word a week?

Sally said...

Hey! How great that you are learning Italian! I tried Spanish in high school, and the teacher passed me 'cause he said he was tired of my antics. Go figure. hahaha

Enjoy your weekend, Jeanette. I'm tryin' to get a little one to stay in bed; she keeps saying "but I'm not tired, MeMaw!" :) We've played chutes & ladders several hundred times. hahaha

Anonymous said...

I think that stink-eye would have made me want to walk out without leav ing a tip too!
A tip is supposed to be your way of saying , "thanks for the good service", not "I'll bribe you not to spit in my food when I return next month!"
Happy Birthday!

Lisa said...

I lived in Italy for two years. My oldest daughter was born there. I sooooooooo miss it! Before I die, I will return with my whole family. been doin' ok?

Jouir la vie said...

Oh, what luck! You had birthday this week. My great wishes to you from old Germany.
Servus, so long and have a nice day

judemiller1 said...

I like to hand the tip directly to my waiter/waitress so they know and so the clean up boy doesn't swipe it. I think I'm getting paranoid in my old age :-)

DHV said...

I'm in New Zealand at the moment and apparently nobody here expects to be tipped, which makes life very simple. I haven't been updating my Fickle Muse blog because I've been travelling and I started a separate blog for that at
I've tried to do an update every day, but sometimes I just haven't been able to get decent internet access.
Happy New Year! (a bit late, I know)

joan said...

Hope you had a weekend and good week ahead! I wish I knew Italian too. Good luck!