Tuesday, January 19, 2010

House Stuff

The weather this last week has been wonderfully mild for this time of year. In the mid to upper 30's every day. Not much wind for the wind chill and no snow. If we can just hold on through the next 4 weeks we will be on the downside to Spring!

I have been wanting to get rid of the shower doors in the upstairs bath for a while and Saturday was finally the day. They were brass and the glass was etched in places (how does that happen, anyway?) and they were a real hassle to clean, and then they never looked clean anyway! I had purchased a shower curtain and liner last week to sort of give us a little more incentive. Turned out it was not as big of a job as I thought it would be. A hour of scraping and scrubbing and a little caulking and the tub almost looks like it never had doors at all! I love my new shower curtain.

I found these two sided hooks which work really well with the curtain and the liner.

One good thing about the doors was they gave me something to hold on to when getting in and out of the shower. Not that the tub is slippery, but it's always nice to have that stability, you know? We considered putting a bar up but really didn't want to put any holes in the fiberglass wall. So I found this

at the hardware store. This thing is STRONG! Nothing pulls this baby down! I think I could hang a elephant from it and the whole shower wall would come down before the suction let go!

Sunday was pretty uneventful. Just did the dreaded grocery shopping for the week. Have I mentioned how much I HATE meal planning and grocery shopping? It's not even the cost of food. It's just trying to figure out what to make that's easy, half-way healthy and quick!

When I start 4 day work week I will plan to do my grocery shopping on Friday and get it out of the way for the weekend!

Yep, think I'm going to do that!


judemiller1 said...

I always wondered if those suction handles would work--now you have told me they do, so I will get one. With my bad back/hip/leg is it getting harder and harder to step out of the tub. Thank Net!!!

wenn said...

ya, happy shopping!

Sally said...

OOO LA LA, LOVE the shower curtain; so pretty!! Hey, I'd really like to get one of those things to hang on to! Where did you find it?

Hope the week is going well!! **hugs**

Jeanette said...

Sally-I got it at Lowe's. I don't know if you have one by you but I imagine they have them at Home Depot too, if you have one of those by you! I found it by the shower curtain rods. It was about $14.00.
Judy-Well worth the money!

Sally said...

We do have Lowe's, and I'll be looking for one soon. Thanks so much, Jeanette. Hey! It's hump day! :)

Grandma K said...

I love the shower curtain rings!! I would love to know where you got them!

Donna said...

Love the new shower curtain look! Clever hooks too - haven't seen those before. We used to have a shower door at our former home and took it out after about 10 years. Too much work to keep clean! We're trying a new design at the home we're building, and a maid service will help too, LOL.

How about fixing wraps for dinner sometime? Also breakfast for dinner works too - eggs, bacon, toast.

Donna said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have seen those handles! I may have to get one sometime for travel!

Anonymous said...

Every time I read one of your entries, I run the mouse over Maukie the cat - it drives my cat crazy! Her pupils get huge and she runs like hell! hahaha