Friday, April 16, 2010

Out And Around

Yay! I have 9 followers so far! Thanks you guys!!

So I haven't planted any flowers yet but the pansies came back....unfortunately they grew in the cracks in the driveway, and not in the barrel where they were last year! They do look kind of cute so we may leave them for now if we can manage to not squish them with the car!

Once again the clematis is growing like gang busters! It already has 6 buds on it and is about 18 inches tall! Man, that thing grows fast! I hope it manages to hang on this year!

Smudge laying at the top of the stairs waiting for me to come up there and let him into the bedroom so he can get his white hair all over the brown bed spread. Speaking of white, we should do some painting...those are some boring white walls! I have nightmares of painting the stairwell, though!

This is me, Shauna and my daughter-in-law Marissa at the baby shower last week. Got another one to go to this Sunday.

Yesterday it was gorgeous out, sunny and 82 degrees! Today not as nice but still not very cold. Tonight it is windy and cold! Tomorrow it supposed to rain! Why do we only get Spring every three or four days?

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sally said...

Such a lovely picture of your and the girls. :)

Hey, now those pansies are too funny!!

I haven't planted anything yet either, but a few things have started to come back. My yard is such a mess with the dollarweed in the front, and I have a tree that needs to come down = $500.00. OUCH!! The dollarweed might just have to stay where it is!!

Have a great weekend, buddy. ((hugs))

Donna said...

They Never grow where you Want them to!!Hahaa...
I Love Shauna and her Pearls!! What youngster Ever wears pearls anymore?!! Pretty!
Looks like y'all had a good time there! You have a restful and fun weekend sweetie!

Donna said...

LOL, love the little pansies in the driveway cracks! That may be a new tradition!

It's time to call a professional painting crew if you want a stairwell painted! It's not worth risking bodily harm.

Brenda said...

I love the photos!! How did those pansies get there?? Have a great weekend young lady!!!

Dolly said...

I say if the pansys want to live in the drive way cracks let them!
They seem happy there! :-)

It adds a lil coor to a boring hunk of cement!

Have a great weekend, can't wait till it warms up for good!

Hugz, Dolly

Grandma K said...

Wow! Looks like a fancy baby shower!!

I hope the pansies thrive there!!

judemiller1 said...

I love the Pansies in the driveway cracks. Now, of course, if you had planted them there on purpose, they probably would have ended up growing in the barrel. Plants--have a mind of their own!