Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hump Day Rant

I am so irritated with my job right now I could just scream! For the past two pay periods they have shorted me a day! The first one I forgive because mistakes happen, but when it's been pointed out and written down, there is no excuse for doing it again. I love my supervisor, and usually she's pretty good, but she is 9 months away from retiring, getting anxious to be out of here and it's starting to show!

Got a busy weekend coming up. First I am working this Friday, so here's another day that I have to make sure they don't cheat me out of!

On Saturday we are going to see my new little great-nephew, Dominic. They live about a hour away from us but only about 15 minutes from my MIL so of course we will be going to see her, too. Then in our quest to visit every state park in Michigan, I'm sure that there is one out there somewhere we can go to. We bought a year permit for $24. The day permits are $6 each, so we have to visit at least 4 parks for it to pay for itself and 5 to make it a bargain! We've got lots of state parks here in Michigan so it shouldn't be any problem. We already decided that we will drive for up to 2 hours to get to one! Some of them are very beautiful, especially the ones on the water!

On Sunday, we are going out to eat with the kids to celebrate Chris and Marissa's birthdays which were in May, Father's Day and Shauna's new job! Seems like forever since I saw my son and daughter-in-law!

I am in much need of a vacation. I have a 5 day weekend over the 4Th of July. And then the first week of August off. Don't think we're going anywhere special, though, it will be nice just to not have to work!

OK I feel better now!


Sally said...

Hope they get the pay worked out; that stinks especially when you're planning on it.

Sounds like a great weekend coming up. Hope you enjoy!!

judemiller1 said...

When the kids were younger, we camped in *almost* every state park in Michigan--upper and lower. It was kind of a quest for us. it was wonderful--in those days you didn't need a reservation for camping.

Brenda said...

I'd be irritated about my check too! I hope their payroll gets it together soon.

We're not planning anything this summer either. Just hang out at home with family.

Donna said...

Rant away! I would too if they hit me in the pocketbook unfairly! Geez.

Hope you get a little vacation to settle those frazzle job-related irritations!

Donna said...

Oh Jeanette! I do payroll as well but if she has a good "system", she shouldn't forget whole Days!Lol...
Hope you have a blast in your trip!