Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, first I must say that I am so proud of our military, especially the elite Navy seal unit that killed Osama Bin Laden yesterday! I always knew we would get him someday. I'm sorry it took so long but it happened which is all that matters! The US just needs to be extra vigilant now!

And even though it's old news, I did enjoy watching parts of the royal wedding. Her dress was beautiful and they look like such a happy couple!

On Saturday Shauna and I went to the International Women's Show. Used to be there would be booth after booth of samples and free stuff. Every year though there is less and less giveaways, and more and more booths where they are trying to sell you stuff. I filled out a bunch of slips to enter contests, though. Now I'll probably spend the next few weeks fending off sales calls! We had a good time, though!

Our resident rabbit looks like she is trying to make a nest in one of our barrels in the back yard! We watched her digging around in the barrel and running back and forth all day yesterday bringing leaves and sticks.

We have an abundance of robins in our neighborhood and a pair of them are trying to build a nest on top of our garage door opener of all places! Rich has knocked down sticks and grass and mud. Every time he opens the garage door one robin flies in and the other dive bombs him! It's hilarious but we have to keep the garage door closed until they get the idea that a nest on our garage door opener is not gonna happen!

Don't mess with the U.S!


Donna said...

I need to tell Marty to watch out for the cat, LOL! Yikes!

It's great news that OBL is finally fish food! I am not one to wish anybody dead, but I can't help but rejoice that he has been removed from the earth and now enduring the wrath of our God.

wenn said...

i love rabbits!

from my front porch... said...

Your kitty looks like our Gus! And I can't wait until you have baby bunnies!!!!!! Yea!
Our barn swallows are back and trying to decide to where to nest! I love that they come back each year :)
Thank you for all your kind words about the Tornado. I always appreciate your comments!
xo, misha

Donna said...

Love these photos!!Hahaa...Love the Bunny....
Sweet day Girl!

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for your visit..that is one big rabbit! I think your friend would be moving to a place called St. is so nice there! :D

Grandma K said...

Your place must be peaceful and pleasant to have go many critters about. Baby bunnies will be so cute!

Brenda said...

Your bunny is so sweet! I hope she has loads of babies. Maybe Mr and Mrs Robin will get the message,,,but maybe not. :-)

Sally said...

Awwww - sweet bunny!!

Sorry to be late to this party, but I've been with Britt and Hunt. :)

Debbie Lo said...

Gee, Net, you've got grandbabies ready to pop out all over your yard and house! Dontcha just love spring? :-)