Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Of Fests and Sprees!

For the past few weekends we have gone to local fairs. Two weekends ago we went to the Canton Liberty Fest. We only go once every few years because we don't have young kids and don't ride rides (at least not that weekend); but we decided that we would go walk around and check it out anyway.

They were giving camel rides.

This little girl was really enjoying her ride, while the girl behind her was looking at her mom as of to say, "Can I get off now?" And camels always look like they have "bedroom eyes" to me!!

They also had the Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall there. It is an exact replica of the one in Washington, D.C. but in a smaller scale. They were ringing a bell and saying all of the names of Michigan soldiers that died over there. I am fortunate to not have known anyone who died in Vietnam, although there were some members of my family that were there.

This past weekend we went to the Livonia Spree, and we actually went on a ride! I think it was called the Screamer. Kind of like a Tilt-a Whirl but higher in the air and faster. It actually was a blast but I was a little dizzy and had a headache when the ride was done! We walked around with my brother Don and SIL Linda, ate a corn dog, and danced to one of the best cover bands I've ever heard. They played 80's pop for one set and 80's rock for the other and they were good! As a matter of fact Linda and I were looking at their web site to see where else they're playing so we can go see them again!!

I always love the lights of the big wheel!

Sunday we went to dinner with Chris and Marissa for Fathers Day.

Then back to the work week. Today I opened a package at work and was greeted with brain tissue in shrink wrap! LOL! Love working in Pathology!!


Sally said...

I would have loved being there and watching ya'll on that ride. :)

It's so nice that you get out and do not only 'stuff' but interesting stuff. I was reminded today that we need to use our moments in time as they never come again. So, I will dance with you!! :)


Donna said...

Brain tissue, camels, dinner, and a ferris wheel. Yeah, you pretty much covered the gamut in your post, LOL!

Donna said...

Read about the "brain tissue" on FB...Hahaaa....yuck!
LOVE a Ferris Wheel!
Happy weekend!

Brenda said...

You've been a busy lady. Glad you're having fun! Happy July 4th!

Debbie Lo said...

How nice that you guys got to get outside and see some fun sights. For some reason, camels look scary to me. LOLOL

One of these days, I'll have to send something "normal" to your department, like a plastic spoon, or a scented candle. ROFL

It was great seeing you and Rich yesterday. I hope you are feeling much better now. Sore throats stink, for sure!!!