Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Black Forest Bundt Cake and Pebbles

Easter was wonderful as usual. Full of family and lots of good food. My oldest brother made egg-drop soup, which was really good!

Anyway, I was in charge of desserts as usual because I like to find new recipes and make them. Usually they turn out really good.

This time I decided to try a Black Forest Bundt Cake recipe. I saw it on Pinterest and it looked pretty easy.

Start out by making  a chocolate bundt cake. I used a box cake mix but I replaced the oil with melted butter and the water with milk. It always seems to make a box cake a little richer. Anyway, I baked the cake on Saturday and let it sit in the fridge overnight.

On Sunday I cut it in thirds horizontally. Then I  mixed  8 oz cool whip, 1/4 c sugar and one small container of chocolate sprinkles, and spread half on one layer Then I put half of a can of cherry pie filling on top of that, then repeat with the next layer. Then sprinkle the top with powdered sugar. So easy and so good! Everyone loved it.

There was a couple little problems though. One was that the powdered sugar kept disappearing because the cake was so moist.  I probably should have let the cake sit out in the open air for a few hours. I don't like to do that really because of all our cats, I get paranoid that cat hair will somehow float onto my cake. So it looked pretty for a while before the sugar disappeared!

The other thing was the filling kind of oozed out. I actually made it several hours ahead of time and I think the weight of the cake caused that to happen.  But it was good!

Another great dessert to add to my collection!

This is Chris and Marissa's other dog, Pebbles.

Sometimes they call her three-toe because she only has three toes on one of her feet. She's not as friendly as Lou. I've never petted her because she's scared of everyone except Chris and Marissa. She's only half the size of Lou, too! She was a neglected dog that they rescued.

It's hump day so we are half way through the week. This weekend is my niece Angela's baby shower. It's supposed to be nice out, too, so maybe we'll get to go hike a trail somewhere. If so you know there will be pictures!

I'm outta here! Have a good week!!


Sally said...

Okay now, that cake looks DELISH!!!! And, I never knew about using melted butter and milk instead of water. I'm gonna try that and make that cake one day!!

I hope the shower for Angela turns out great, and the weather holds up for you & Rich to have a good weekend.


wenn said...

wow..that cake looks so yummy..

Grandma K said...

That cake looks yummy. If it tasted even half as good as it looks, it was a real treat.

Glad your Easter was good.

Brenda said...

Hello my friend, I'm here visiting again. The cake looks so GOOD and I bet it was good too.

I hope your week was a good one and your weekend is too.

Debbie Lo said...

You did a great job on that dessert and it was delish! You always make the most interesting and best-tasting desserts for family gatherings, Net.

And by the way, I really love your new(er) blog heading photo (or whatever you call it). The shadows, along with the actual plant and stool, really compliment each other. Very nice!