Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hump Day

Happy hump day! The weekend is right around the corner!

The weather here in Michigan has been pretty unpredictable lately. It's recently been cold and it was even snowing a little last week. That's nothing new in April but we all hate to see it! Anyway, Saturday started out rainy and then got very nice towards the end of the day. Sunday was rainy, too and when the rain stopped it got hot and very humid for this time of year!

Yuck!! So needless to say we did not go hike a trail on Sunday like I wanted to!

Here's some pictures from my niece Angela's baby shower last Saturday. She got lots of nice stuff!

I especially love what we got her. Here she is opening it.

That's Shauna sitting there with her. She was in charge of keeping track of who gave what!

Anyway, a bunch of us aunts and cousins went in on this gift. It's a play pen /bed that I'm sure will be very handy.

Here she is with her dad, my brother Tom.

Him, my brother Don and Debbie's brother Bob did all of the cooking for us ladies! The food was delicious. I don't know if I mentioned that my brother is a excellent cook! I always said he missed his calling and should have been a chef!

Anyway, that's all for now. This Sunday we have my department dinner to go to...very fancy. Hopefully sometime we'll be walking a trail somewhere!

Hope you are having a good week!


Sally said...

I'm sorry, Jeanette, just now seeing this post! WHOA!!! Angela hauled it in, didn't she? Good for her! I know ya'll are all excited for that baby to be born!!!

Sure wish we had some rain here; we're at the lowest point since like l936 or something. Dry as a bone, and wildfires everywhere.

Hope you enjoy the weekend, and have a nice time at the party Sunday. We will want pics!!!

((hugs to you buddy))

judemiller1 said...

WOW--that baby will be set for a while year--at least!!! Nice job Auntie.

Debbie Lo said...

Yep, Angela LOVED the travel crib/changing table her aunts and cousins got her. She'll get a lot of use out of it whenever she & Jason stay up at the river with us, or when they head to the U.P. for the Tippett Family Gathering at the end of July. Thanks so much again for helping to make her shower so special, Net! And thanks to Shauna too for doing such a great job of writing down who got her what. :-)

I'm with you on the weather. Wish it would warm up a bit and stay there for a while. Hope you had a nice time at your departmental dinner too! Hugs!

Brenda said...

Hey there my yankee friend, just stopped in to see how you and yours were doing. Sorry I haven't been visiting much lately but I hope to do better soon. ((big ol hug from Arkansas))

Donna said...

Brother! I'm late Toooo!!! We were out of town last week so I missed this post.... Sorry!!!
Wow, what a bunch go goodies! Your gift will probably get the most use too.... Nice!
Happy weekend! Hope you get some great weather this weekend!