Tuesday, January 15, 2013


This time of year is my least favorite thing about living in Michigan. The weather is cold. It looks blah outside with no green to speak of. Spring is still too far away.

The good things are there is no snow (right now, anyway) and it's staying light a little tiny bit longer every day. I am no longer driving home in the complete dark, but at twilight.

Driving at twilight is kind of scary, though,  because the deer are more active and I am always afraid one is going to dart in front of my car. I'm hearing more than the normal amount of stories about people hitting deer. They must be particularly active right now.

Diet is going good. I've lost 4 lbs total so far (in three weeks). I am not following the diet exactly like I am supposed to, but I have given up carbs long enough now for it to kill my appetite, so eating smaller portions has not been a problem. 

Exercising is still a issue, especially because it's too cold and dark to walk outside when I get home from work. This morning I had every intention of getting up at 5:00 and jumping on my treadmill for 1/2 a hour. Unfortunately, I woke up at 2:00 and could not go back to sleep until almost 4:00 so when the alarm went off at 5, I just kept hitting snooze for another half hour.  Oh well, I need my sleep and there's always tomorrow morning!

Rich and I both had birthdays already this month. Went to dinner with Chris and Marissa one weekend and Shauna and Brad the next!

That's all the exciting news for now.

Until next time....


Donna said...

You're doing Great on the diet girl!
I HATE cold and snowy!! Stay warm!

Sally said...

You may get two comments from me; blogger is kickin' my butt today!

4 lbs? That is wonderful, I'm so proud of you. Whenever I need to lose some (which is always) I go with the low carbs. My dad taught me that a way, way long time ago. The first time I tried it, I nearly killed my durn self because I wasn't eating enough.

I know you'll be SO glad when Spring Springs; and hate that you have to drive being afraid. Please be careful, buddy.


Sally said...

Where is my comment, please tell me! :)

Donna said...

Glad you're seeing some progress! Keep at it! It's been blah here with lots and lots of rain. I think we all have spring fever as soon as we pack away the Christmas decorations, LOL.

Debbie Lo said...

So glad to hear the diet's going well and you've lost 4 pounds! Yay!

I know what you mean about twilight and watching for deer. They're definitely more active at that time. Just be on the lookout for them like you already are. That's really all you can do.

I hate this time of year too, Net. Spring can't arrive soon enough for me!! You're not alone!

Karen said...

Happy Belated Birthdays to you both. I am wishing for an early spring for you.

I understand your careful driving. When we are at our place in the country, I hate to be out after dark because I am so afraid we will hit one. Most people up there have hit at least one!

wenn said...

I don't like to drive a night..Rather scary too.
I also procrastinate a lot on hitting the gym.