Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More Blah....

This is the craziest diet I'm on.

Shortly after I started it I noticed a extreme drop in my appetite, which is normal. Eating wheat causes you to want more wheat, and when you eliminate it the cravings just go away. Not that I don't get hungry, mind you. It's just that when I eat a meal I am satisfied with smaller portions, and don't have the urge to snack anymore.

However, it's a tenuous hold on that lack of appetite! Saturday Rich and I went to the Hollywood Casino in Toledo, Ohio. It was very crowded and we waited for almost a hour to eat at the buffet . I was starving so I had lots of salad and some chicken and ribs. Not a lot, but more than my usual meals have been. Then I decided to treat myself and had a very small piece of brownie and about a half of a cup of soft serve vanilla ice cream.

Well! Apparently the wheat that was in the brownie was enough to undo any loss of appetite and on Sunday and Monday I was wanting to eat a lot more than usual and craving sweets. It finally started to go away yesterday and now I am back to where I was before, but man, I guess I can't let go for even a minute.

I was hoping to resume a regular diet when I have lost all the weight I want to lose, but I'm not so sure that I will ever be able to!

Oh well, worth it in the end!

Not much else going on. The weather has been crazy lately! We actually got up into the 60's today, and had thunder storms last night!  The temp is supposed to plummet tonight though!

Just waiting on Spring!

Until the next time...

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