Sunday, September 11, 2022

School Time and Misc

Maxwells first week of school went as good as expected! He cried the night before and a little in the morning but went right in and had good days! Tuesday through Thursday were half days and Friday was his first whole day, 8:50 to 4:00! At least he was excited to take his lunch to school! Things sure are different nowadays. My kids only did half days for the whole kindergarten! 

Before the first day of school his teacher sent this cute poem and a small bag of little foil stars. 

So cute! 

We had a chance to do some metal detecting last week. 

We always find a lot of coins when we go to a park that has a stage or has concerts in it. And occasionally we find toys, too! 

Stopping at a traffic light and this guy landed on my windshield! He hung on for a mile until the next light, so I was able to get his picture! He was still there when I parked to go into the store and gone when I came back out. This picture looks like a giant grasshopper is getting ready to attack the cars below!

I stopped at an Estate Sale yesterday. I was kind of in a hurry so I didn't take a lot of pictures, but I thought there was some interesting stuff.  

The garage was full of these duck decoys! This was just one of several piles. I'm curious as to what their purpose was. Maybe the person was a avid duck hunter but that's a awful lot of decoys!

There was this table with three benches that tucked underneath that I thought  was interesting.

And these pheasants on display! 

I thought the kitchen was pretty. I have always loved white cabinets. 

That's about it for me for now. 

September can be a sad month! Remembering the horrible events on the 11th still makes me so angry every year!  My dad passed away on the 9th. The 13th would have been my mom's 90th birthday, she died on the 26th, 

However, our little Levi was born on the 27th and that makes September worth celebrating! 

Until the next time stay safe and well, my friends! 



  1. I like that Ready Confetti poem. So imaginative of the teacher! I am glad Maxwell is adjusting to school but that sure seems like a long day! I think most school districts seem to go nowadays for all day kindergarten. Probably has something to do with the fact of a lot of moms working outside the home. I know my grandson goes to school 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. with an early release of 1 o'clock on Wednesdays. Looked like an interesting haul from your metal detecting! I do like that kitchen. I agree with you. There is something pristine about white cabinets! Were the pheasants for sale? If so would be interesting to see who buys them :)


  2. I would have had to buy the neat table and benches. All thse decoys are so weird,maybe he made them? This really does look like a giant monster grasshopper!

  3. Glad to hear school got off to a good start. That poem is cute.
    I love the kitchen in that house. Maybe they painted the duck decoys?

  4. That table resembles an Oreo to me. My kids did half day kindergarten. Full day is offered now, but you have to pay extra.

  5. Glad to hear Maxwell had a good first week of school.
    We just went half days in kindergarten too.
    I'd love to have picked up a few of those decoys.
    That little table sure does look like an oreo.
    A very nice kitchen - I love my white kitchen!!

  6. Many gentle hugs upon the remembrance of the hard days in your September, my sweet friend. Yes, that's a very long day for a kindergartener, lordy.... 7 hours?! Children adjust tho & pretty soon that will be a normal day for sweet little Maxwell. I remember when the common thought was that 5 year olds still need a rest period in the day & that's why "school" was only half a day. Times change & not for the better most times. Love~ Andrea xoxo

  7. All I can think of with those decoys is, the great white hunter. I don't know why. Lots of detector finds...that would be some fun activities!! Cute poem.

  8. Hang in there, Jeanette. I feel that way about July because we lost some loved ones during that time. Glad school is getting better for Maxwell. We just switched to full-day kindergarten out here this year.

  9. Oh the attack of the green grasshopper is priceless. What a catch!

  10. I hope Maxwell continues to have good days; his teacher sounds like a gem.
    You have some good and not-so-good September memories...only remember the good ones and you'll be happy all the time. I know, easier said than done.

  11. Sorry September is a bit rough for you. My dad died the 29th so I get it. That is such a nice thing the teacher gave out to her students. SO cute. And hilarious shot of the grasshopper.
    I love my white cabinets. It just makes the room look brighter.

  12. That grasshopper looks massive. Great photo!

    We have white kitchen cabinets and I like that any colour can go with them. Also you can go modern or old fashioned either seems to work with them.

  13. I thought that grasshopper was a giant one in the air! Wow that really made me do a double take, haaahaha! So did the duck decoys! I had to expand that one because I was not at all sure what was going on. You'd like my kitchen because it is a vast expanse of the whitest cabinets you ever saw. Hooray for Maxwell and I must say, that poem and the star confetti is so great. Our Stephanie especially had so much anxiety as the first day of school approached. Then she'd do great and get straight A's, haaaha! The two kids who were not at all concerned because they are social butterflies, made solid C's, haaaha! May Maxwell have a wonderful school year! xoxo

  14. What a sweet little poem for children starting school. Sounds like he has a good teacher. That grasshopper picture is really good. Can't believe all the treasures you've found. I love looking for treasures like that. Reminds me a lot of looking for arrowheads.


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