Friday, December 2, 2022

Miniature Tree

 I finally got my miniature tree put together. 

Every year I get a coupon from Hallmark stores, and I use it to buy another miniature ornament. Last post I showed you my newest one. 

Here's some close ups of my other ones. Notice the tiny teapot I bought at an estate sale a few months ago.

And here it is in front of the 7.5-foot tree. 

It looks super cute when shown that way! 

And even though I swore I would not purchase another snowman...

I couldn't resist this cutie! 

I'm very happy with my decorations this year. I have lights in various places throughout the house and in the evening when everything is lit it's very warm and cozy! 

Today I finally have a day off and believe it or not there are a few estate sales I'm going to! Then I'm going to spend some extra time with the grandsons! 

Hopefully I'll find something interesting to show you from the estate sales on my next post! 

Until then stay safe and well, my friends! 


  1. That mini tree is so cute and tiny! I’m attracted to miniatures - it would be hard for me to resist and what’s one more snowman in the great scheme of things?

    Have fun at the estate sale. I bet this time of year they are more festive.

  2. Delightful, all!!!!!!


  3. I love miniature trees and ornaments, esp. themed ones. Yours looks very cute. Have fun at the sale!

  4. It is adorable! And the first thing I noticed was the little teapot. I want to see your other decorations.

  5. Ohhhh, that photo of mini (below the 7.5' tree) is so priceless!!!
    And both trees decorated are very pretty. You should share photos when they are lighted!!!!
    Have fun at the sales.

  6. The mini tree and ornaments are so cute!!

  7. I like your miniature tree and it is really cute in front of the big tree!

  8. Oh my, that mini tree is adorable. So cute sitting next to the big one.
    I'm not getting very far with my Christmas decorations. I just can't seem to get myself going.

  9. I just loveeeeeeeeeeeee the miniature tree, smiles. Wishing you a beautiful week ahead, smiles.

  10. I love both of your trees. Isn't amazing how the lights really make the house warm and cozy this time of year?

  11. I love your mini tree. I also miss The Hallmark stores; the ones in my area closed down.
    The snowman is adorable!

  12. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ so sweet!

    Love it.

    "Then I'm going to spend some extra time with the grandsons!"


  13. Adorable trees and ornaments! You are a superb decorator. We finally have the tree up and the kids are here now every other week..... Yes, Britt is divorced, remarried and having a baby girl on the 30th of this month. I know. It's crazy, she's crazy, I'm crazy and my daughter. It's a wonderful, yet hectic time in our lives right now. I'll just be glad to see the baby, and for them to find a place to live. :)

  14. Oh my word that little tree (REALLY little, haha) is the cutest thing! Your big tree is gorgeous! And I agree that Christmas lights glowing inside and out of the house on a cold December evening is just the best, the coziest, the merriest thing. Candles too! xoxo


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