Monday, January 28, 2008

Computer Broken Blues

No Weekly Winner this week.

My home PC is sick. Went the whole weekend without and Rich and I are going through computer withdrawl.

Had a great weekend anyway.

Friday night we went to dinner with the usual gang, and Tom and Debbie went with us too. It was nice to see them.

Saturday breakfast with Marie then shopping at Kohls. I bought some really cute shoes, black pumps which I needed because I threw my old ones away after I wore then the last time. I spent the majority of the day after that monkeying around with my computer to no avail, because it needs attention from someone who knows more than me! In the evening we went bowling and to dinner at the Mongolian BBQ with the guys Rich works with and their wives. We had fun even though I have yet another cold and did not feel all that great.

Sunday grocery shopping and cleaning. Another exciting weekend.

3 comments: said...

The last cruise my Sister and I took together, we spent more money in the internet room than on excursions off the ship. Sick, I tell you, sick.

dawn224 said...

oh... did you have computer withdrawals?

Happy Monday!

Junebug said...

Poor pc. I hate to be without one too.