Tuesday, January 1, 2008

More Snow

We had a very nice New Years Eve at Don and Linda's. Jim, Helen and Carly were there. We played Wii bowling and a game called SceneIt. Ate some munchies and we left shortly after midnight because it was starting to snow. It took us a while to get home because the roads were starting to get slippery. Shauna's friends were still there. We wished them a happy New Year and goodnight and went to bed.

This morning we woke up to this:

It looks like a ton but actually was only about 5 inches. It sure is pretty. This view is from my upstairs window. I spent the first part of today taking down the Christmas decorations. I was going to take my time and get it done over a few days, but once I get started I don't stop and now it's all down, packed and put away. All that's left is to clean up and put furniture back where it belongs. Then back to work tomorrow with only three days until the weekend.

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Laura said...

I have no idea how/when I will get the tree down. They always look so sad and cheap to me, after Christmas...but it also hurts to put them away for another year. Was that snow heavy to shovel or what? I was out shoveling and it was like picking up frozen Coke off the driveway.