Sunday, October 11, 2009

No Name To Be Seen

Well, I changed the header picture and now you can't see the title. I tried to change the title color to white to show up on the dark background, but all my fonts turned white so I had to change it back. I wish I knew HTML good enough to customize this blog a little more. Oh well, the above picture was taken this summer at Niagara Falls on the USA side, That is the rapids leading up to the falls and the mist coming up from the bottom. Rich took it and I love the way the sun shines on the water.

Went to Marie's daughter wedding on Saturday. The ceremony was at a gorgeous old church in downtown Detroit called the East Jefferson Presbyterian Church.

Both sides of the church were lined with these beautiful stained glass windows.

And there was a huge pipe organ!

The ceremony was very nice..even if the preacher was the blabbiest preacher ever!!

The reception was at a place called Laurel Manor. They had the bride and grooms initials projected on the wall.

And there was a table with all sorts of candy and little container to fill up and take home!

This was the favor at every place setting... a bottle of wine with personalized labels.

It was a very nice wedding the the bride and groom looked really happy!

Tomorrow they are on their way to Hawaii, lucky bums!!


Sally said...

Love the new header picture!!

Golly Ms Molly, that was a beautiful church; those windows are amazing. I'm glad you had a good time!

Yeah, lucky bums!!! I'd like to be on the way to Hawaii. :)

Sue said...

Now come on Jeanette, you wouldn't want to leave Michigan just when the weather is starting to get "interesting", would you?

As for HTML, it's all Greek to me. I hate how plain my blog is, but I know NOTHING about computers. Sigh.

wenn said...

beautiful wedding..

Brenda said...

The church is beautiful, the wedding is lovely, and I'm so glad you had a good time.

The candy table is a cute idea!

Life is good! said...

i went to niagara falls this summer also, but my pictures are not near that beautiful! and the wedding, absolutely georgeous. love the candy bar idea!

Donna said...

We went on a tour that include Niagra Falls. It was a whirlwind visit (couple of hours) and we would love to see it again - more leisurely!

Here's any easy way to add text to your header photo. Go to; upload photo; click on create tab; then click on text tab; choose font, color & sizing; save back to your computer. Then in blogger on the edit layout page, click on your header box; in the configure header popup box, upload your photo and make sure that you select the "instead of title & description" choice at the bottom. Hope this helps you!

Jeanette said...

Donna..thanks for reminding me I can do that! I did that with my header a long time ago and just forgot!! Definitely spend more time in Niagara Falls USA if you get the chance!

Donna said...

You're welcome!