Sunday, September 8, 2013

Yes, It's still Working!

No new wedding plans for Brad and Shauna. They're still gathering information on venues. There is a chance they may postpone the wedding until May of 2015. In the meantime, we're having fun looking at Pinterest and thinking of different things we can do!

Last Sunday we had the kids over for a barbecue. I decided to make this ice cream sandwich cake that I saw on Pinterest. You start with ice cream sandwiches of course

Stack them up on a plate just so

Can I just stop here to say that ice cream sandwiches sure have gotten smaller over the years! 

Anyway, you end up with this.

Then I just covered it with cool whip, drizzled chocolate and caramel and sprinkled a crushed up Mr. Goodbar on it. 

It looks like a mess but it was deadly delicious! 

Before the kids came when I was cleaning the half-bath,  I dropped a glass cat statue into the sink and broke it! 

Yep the sink! Not the cat statue...the cat statue is fine..not a scratch on it! 

We temporarily fixed it with glue and caulk and then Rich spent five hours yesterday replacing the sink and pedestal! Poor guy!

 I felt so guilty! 

Oh and the cat statue is banned from the bathroom! 

Until the next time!


Judy said...

Broke the sink? But not the statue? Weird, isn't it? So much planning goes into weddings nowadays. Imagine having to wait over a year to get the right venue. I can't even imagine. My youngest daughter's wedding was like that--and, unfortunately, the marriage didn't last as long as the planning phase, LOL.

Grandma K said...

That must be some cat statue!!!

Sally said...

Love seeing you here!! And, I'm really enjoying the things you post from Pinterest. You're gonna have so much stuff in your "head"; you'll be dizzy before May 2015! I'm so happy for them and you, though.

That ice cream cake looks really good; I'll have to make that for the girls. Yes, the "sandwiches" get smaller as time goes on!! Just like everything is so very expensive these days. Too bad we don't get cost of living raises.

Patti closes on the house tomorrow; we are going to be busy! :)

Love ya!

Donna said...

Yikes, it is surprising how much damage happened to the sink!