Saturday, September 29, 2012

Brenda Photo Challenge-My America

It's  Brenda's Photo Challenge time! This one is about My America!

So My America is best represented to me by the state that I love so much, Michigan

Beautiful blue skies and awesome great lakes!

To die for sun rises!

And sometimes not so spectacular sunsets!

And yes, sometimes winter can be beautiful, too!

But as much as I love my beautiful little piece of America..there are  49 other states with their own beauty!

Our map of the United States...worn out from being looked at so much while dreaming of the places we plan on going to someday!

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Donna said...

Love all the photos Jeanette! Such a Sunset!
Larry and I pull out the map...and know we can't take off work long enough anymore to go anywhere...sigh...It would be nice!

Donna said...

Your state is so beautiful! And I know what you mean about a worn out map, LOL! If you ever come on down to Tennessee, we can meet up!!!

Brenda said...

Your part of America is beautiful young lady. I love the shots of the water and sunsets. The snow is very lovely but I'm a southern wimp, I love how pretty it is from indoors. :-) Great shots lady!!!

Melinda donLuekin said...

What BEAUTIFUL landscapes. Love the sunset. Huge skies! Well done!

Melinda donLuekin said...

Well done! What spectacular vistas. Love the sunrise and sunsets. You live in a glorious State

MarissaDW said...

Beautiful scenes of Michigan in all seasons.

wenn said...

love the sunrise!

Grandma K said...

I agree, you have a beautiful state. The pictures are really great.

Sally said...

Don't know how I missed this!

Beautiful Your America! Some day, I'm coming to visit!

Did I ever tell you my paternal grandfather lived in Detroit?


Debbie Lo said...

Wow, really beautiful photos, Net! And you're right, Michigan has so much beauty in it that a person could almost make a full-time job out of photographing it!