Saturday, August 3, 2013

Woo Hoo!!!

This was the longest week! Not only because it was my last weekend before my vacation but I was anticipating a particular event.....

Last Tuesday Brad asked Shauna to marry him while they were on vacation in Myrtle Beach, SC! 

He came over to our house about 3 weeks ago to tell us what he was planning. He asked us to not say anything to anyone so we have been bursting at the seams for three weeks. Now it's official and we can shout it to the world. We are so happy! We couldn't ask for a more wonderful man for Shauna to be married to!

 Another wonderful thing was Anthony had his surgery on Wednesday and everything went wonderfully! The surgery didn't take as long as they anticipated and he was only in ICU for less than two days. He's in  regular room and doing well...probably will be going home by the middle of next week!

Last Friday we all went to dinner for my oldest brothers birthday. Here he is with Dominic enjoying some chocolate birthday cake! 

And finally here is the best substitute for noodles I have found to date! 

Shirataki pasta! It's perfect for this diabetic, wheat-free dieter!

Until the next time...


Sally said...

Such happy news all around!

I know you must be over the moon for Shauna and Brad. Her ring is beautiful! I wish them all the best in the world.

How wonderful that Anthony's surgery went well. And, I'm glad they were able to take of him when he's still young.

Hope you and Rich have a great vacation and take lots of pics.

Happy day to you, Buddy!

Grandma K said...

Absolutely beautiful ring!

Enjoy your vacation.

Judy said...

I don't think I know Anthony. I am soooooooooooooo happy for Shauna!!!

wenn said...

wow, congratulations!

Dawn said...

I am a new reader. I found you from Sally, at a Whispering Hope.

The ring is beautiful !! Congrats. Wedding plans will start in the process now. Has a date been planned ?

I haven't tried the pasta, but I am in the process of going gluten free and I am border line diabetic. I am going to look for it around my stores. Nice meeting you. My name is Dawn !! :) You can find me at

Donna said...

Wow!! What a Wonderful week all around!
Love her ring too!!!
Congratulations! Happy proposal and surgery results!
Life is good!!

Donna said...

Congratulations! And that's good news about the young one's surgery!