Saturday, January 5, 2008

Scratch-off Heaven

Yesterday was Rich's birthday.
He loves to buy these scratch off lottery tickets so I bought him some and Shauna got him some too.
He had a total of $50 worth of tickets. After he got home from work today we had a scratch fest! Total won: $46. So we're not millionaires but he had fun, anyway! We went to California Pizza Kitchen for dinner last night. I had the Mediterranean Salad which was really good. Then everyone came back for cake and ice cream. It was a nice night. Marie and I went to breakfast this morning and then to BCF because I had some 20% coupons. I got a cute turquoise shirt and a pair of fingerless gloves with the little flap that comes over the fingers to make mittens. I love them and they are supposed to keep your fingers warmer. I hope so because my hands freeze when I walk to and from work.

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dawn224 said...

Not millionaires, but it almost paid for itself - which is fantastic :)