Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Precious Old Things

I have had a cold for the past week and although I am feeling better, I'm still dragging through the days!

This weekend we went to my dads and picked up my moms cedar chest, or hope chest as she called it. I've been wanting to get it since she passed away, but always felt weird taking it from my dads house. But it's been 7 years and it's time.

It is still filled with table cloths, napkins, hankies and various other things.

It all needs to be cleaned and organized. Washed and pressed and I also have some of my own stuff to put in there. Get it all nice to give Shauna some day. A good project for when Rich goes hunting in a few weeks.

Oh, did I mention he's going up north hunting in November? Yes, four days of me, myself and I! I even took Monday and Tuesday off of work so I plan on getting a lot of little things done! Not that I can't get things done when he's home, but I can tinker around to my hearts content and don't have to worry about dinner or whatever!

When I was at my dads I also took pictures of my grandmothers old Singer treadle sewing machine.

I remember my grandmother sewing on this all of the time! I can still see her foot pumping that treadle back and forth every time I look at it. I also remember standing on it and bouncing up and down while holding on for dear life!

I never realize how pretty this machine actually is.

Anyway, someone told my Dad that that machine is worth a lot of money. I don't think it's worth thousands of dollars. It's not even 100 years old, yet, but I am going to try and get an appraisal to be sure. It's worth more than money to me, however, so we won't be selling it. It is a true family heirloom that went from my grandmother to my mother, and will go from me to Shauna.

I didn't take it home with me this weekend. My dad is using it to display his collection of miniature trucks right now, plus it's a nice piece of furniture in his family room. But some day very soon..!

I like the look of this tree in our neighborhood. It's got at least three different colors going right now!

I finally got my own desk at work. I am taking my camera to work tomorrow to take pictures of it. That's how excited I am!!


Sally said...

Oh goodness, sweet Jeanette, I know how precious the cedar chest and sewing machine are to you, and will be to Shauna some day. Patti has my mom's (both) because at one time I moved to a much smaller place and just let her go ahead and take the chest and machine.

I can't wait to see your desk!! You tickled about that today on F/B and I would love to hear the story as to "why" you haven't had a desk in six years for Pete's sake!!

Take care of that cold, and feel better soon; you have a lot of farming to do, ya know!! :)

Sue said...

What a beautiful old sewing machine....hubby and I were just talking about the old Singers the other day. They are the best-they can sew through the heaviest materials no problem. Do you sew?

wenn said...

such unique sewing machine..

Donna said...

Hope you get to feeling better soon! The chest and old sewing machine sure have a lot of charm! I picked up a machine much like that at an auction many years ago. Did you know that you can look up your serial number and find out when it was manufactured? Mine was made in 1921 and has those beautiful decals like your grandmother's machine.

Grandma K said...

The chest and sewing machine are both absolutely beautiful!