Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Call Me Crazy!

Well call me crazy but I have decided to participate in the Holidailies for the month of December.

That means that I am supposed to post every day from Dec.1st to Jan. 1st.

So, it may not be much but hopefully you'll be hearing a lot from me!

Expect alot of Christmas decor pictures and kittie pictures!

Until the next time....


Donna said...

Oh my goodness, that ought to get your writing mojo going!

Sally said...


Well, good.


(Have I told you how much I love your header?) :)

Grandma K said...

Looking forward to it!

Sally said...


I think you missed yesterday.

Just sayin'. :)


wenn said...

that's great!

judemiller1 said...

I can't wait as I miss you when you don't post!!!