Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello........Is anyone out there?

Jeez, seems like it's been forever since I posted anything. but probably for good reason. Nothing has been going on lately so any posts will probably be pretty boring.

Rich just got  home today. He went deer hunting with Chris and my brothers and their kids. They go every year but this was the first time Rich went in a few years. Anyway, he was only gone for a few days. He did not shoot a deer, which I am glad for as neither one of us really likes venison. But he had a good time hanging out with everyone, drinking beer and eating junk food! Typical deer camp!

This is the first year that my dad didn't go. He's gone every year since before I was born, but I guess at almost 81 years old he didn't want to be bothered anymore!

Thanksgiving will be at his house this year. It's my year to not have anything so that's good. Although I do plan on having my sisters in law one weekend and maybe Brads parents sometime, too. It will be nice to not have to stress out on Christmas eve with a house full of people!

I put a app on my iPhone called "map My Walk". It tracks where you walk, how far and how fast. Yesterday I had the day off of work and I was excited to take a nice long walk and use the app. Well, I took the nice long walk but I was so busy making sure I had my music and the key to my house that I totally forgot to use the app until I was just a few blocks away from my house! Nice! Menopause, how I love theeeeee!

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow!

Read a couple of good books...Killing Lincoln and Killing Kennedy. I'm not really a history buff but these books were pretty good. Learned more about the Civil War and the Cuban Missile Crisis than I ever did in school! I'm done with reading about assassinating presidents, though. It's just too sad!

Well I said enough for someone who had nothing to write about. I will leave with with some kittie pics!

Sweet Smudge!

They love looking out the front door!

That's the end of my tale!! 

Till the next time.......


Donna said...

Oh yes, I'm here! Just running woefully behind, as usual. I agree with you on the taste of venison. I never took a hankering for it. But it's good that he got out for some fresh air and visiting!

The walking app sounds nice! One of these days I'll break down and get a smart phone. Meanwhile, I am enjoying the iPad and have a few good apps on it.

LOL, I got a kick out of the last photo!

Sinder Ella said...

Sweet Kitties

wenn said...


Sally said...

It's always nice to see you here, and read what's going on!! :)

Those are great photo's. I know how much you love the kitties! Patti says there's one around here, but I haven't spotted it yet. When I do, will try to get a pic.


I'm really going to miss my "walking place"!

Grandma K said...

Thanks for mentioning those books - I am always looking for good books.

Glad you get a year "off." That doesn't happen for me. Perhaps next year when Thanksgiving and hunting won't be together.

Donna said...

I checked out the app! Thanks!
LOVE all the kitties girl...
Happy Thanksgiving!

Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

So good to see you!
Your kitties are precious!


judemiller1 said...

Love those pictures!!

Debbie Lo said...

Funny post, Net! Love the kitty pics, especially the "end of your tale." Very cute.

Don't feel bad about forgetting things often. I do it all the time. It's nice to know I'm not the only one!

So what's that I was reading about you having all of your sister-in-laws over? Do I sense an upcoming SIL party perhaps? Hmmm? LOL