Sunday, October 27, 2013

As The Days Drone On.

 Boy, this year sure seem to be flying by! It's almost November already and next week Daylight Savings Time ends. Bummer. I hate getting off of work and driving home in the dark!

Anyway, speaking of work...this guy was sitting in front of me on the bus a few days ago. I had to take a secret picture because he had an impressive set of dreadlocks!

Lately the price of groceries has been driving me I'm sure most of you go crazy too every time you have to grocery shop. In order to try to cut down on what I spend I thought I would try a discount grocery store by us called Aldi's.

It's a no frills, generic brand store. At check out the cashier rings up your stuff and puts it back in the basket. Then you pull over to a counter and pack your own groceries. You usually bring your own bags but if you don't, they sell plastic bags for 10 cents and paper bags for 6 cents each.

To cut costs they use minimum employees. So in order to not have to pay a stock person to go fetch carts from the parking lot, they make you pay a quarter to use a basket. I think it's pretty ingenious how they do it.

 The baskets are all chained together with little boxes on each handle.

You put a quarter in the box and a little spring unlatches the basket. The quarter sits there while you push the cart all over the store. See my quarter poking out?

Then when you are finished you simply push your cart back in place, plug in the chain and out pops your quarter! Ah the joy of the simple things in life!

Shauna would like to have a broach bouquet for her wedding. I've picked up a couple of broaches here and there and yesterday I went to Michael's and picked up a couple of silk flowers to see how  they looked. Here's the result.

This flower is actually mint..the picture makes it look yellow. I put a sliver, pearl and amethyst broach in the middle.

This is a white rose that I paired with a ruby broach.  I really like this one.

It's going to be a blast making Shauna's bouquet and she will be able to keep it forever!

Until the next time.....


Judy said...

Dread Locks always look dirty to me. We have an Aldi's in Howell AND Brighton--I don't like generic food, but I need to try them again. The dreaded fall back is almost here.

Sally said...

Love the second bouquet; so pretty!

We have no stores like that one unless you could county BJ's wholesale; you pack your own, but the problem is they sell HUGE packages of stuff that we wouldn't need for ten more years. :)

I'm up way past my bedtime; too tired to sleep. LOL


Grandma K said...

I love the bouquet idea! Those are so pretty - and unusual!

Grandma K said...

I love the bouquet idea. So unusual and beautiful!

Donna said...

I've never cared for dreadlocks. Gosh, they sure were popular when we went to Jamaica many years ago, for men and women.

We have an Aldi's here in town, but we've never gone. It's about 10 miles away. We've been doing pretty good catching the sales and shopping at a new Publix that is much closer to us.

Donna said...

Lordy girl! I would love to have a pair of scissors....Hahaaaa...Euwwww!!! Hate those things. Nothing natural about them!
Thanks for the info about Aildias(sp)!
We now have one...guess I'll finally go in and look around!

Brenda said...

The brooches are lovely!! I love jewelry.

I so dread this time of the year when the nights are so long.

A great many of the grocery marts in Europe are like that one. Like a huge Sams.