Sunday, October 6, 2013

Stuff We Saw

Due to the lack of any interesting goings on lately I thought I would show you some stuff  I saw while walking around this summer.

These strange marking on someones driveway. That't not chalk either. It looks like some kind of bleaching stuff. Probably some  weird cult thing!!!

This house has rose bushes all along the front and all down the driveway! They are so pretty! I always enjoy walking past this house every summer.

A while back I showed you this little doggie window. I finally got to see the little doggie in the window! There's a reflection but you can see his little eyes right above it. He was barking at me like crazy!

Finally Rich took this one of some creepy early Halloween decoration on a car.

There's not a lot going on right now. No new wedding plans to share. Brad has to spend the next 6 months in Chicago for his job. He'll be home on weekends, though and Shauna went there this weekend.

Next week we have little Anthony's first birthday party!

Am enjoying the cooler weather, although it's been really humid the last few days. Humidity I will not miss for the next few months!

Until the next time....


Donna said...

The doggy window cracked me up! I've never seen one before!

Judy said...

Christian signs on the driveway--it says, "1 in CJ" one in Christ Jesus? also the fish sign--a sign the earlier Christians used to distinguish themselves to other believers. I love the doggie window in the fence--how clever.

Sally said...

That little doggie looks like a Schnauzer and that sure makes me miss our Katie Elizabeth.

Love the roses too. I hope to plant some again some day!

The Halloween on the car? Hilarious!

Have a great week, buddy! I'm always so glad to see you here. :)


Donna said...

Omword!!!! LOVE the doggy peep hole! Never seen one but it is a Great idea!

wenn said...

that little doggie window is cute..

Inger said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. This reminded me of my walks in Los Angel;es with our dogs. One dog at a time, lots of things to see. I loved that doggie peep hole.